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Upgrade Yourself From “Salesperson” to “Expert”

October 4, 2010

There is so much false information out there about marketing.  With the advent of the internet, even more bad advice has been written and published than ever before about what you need in your marketing toolbox.

“Denise, I’m so confused”, agents tell me.

And I don’t blame them.  Every inexperienced “expert” with an opinion gets a pulpit on the internet.  They spew advice that they probably got from a marketing book from the library—written by someone who hasn’t been in the trenches for years and doesn’t know what really works.

So how do you choose the right marketing pieces you need in your business?

First, you must understand that every piece of marketing needs to elevate you from “salesperson” to “expert”. The world has a zillion salespeople.  Everything you do must upgrade the way people view you.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most effective tools you need in your toolbox—tools that help you to rise above the crowd of salespeople:

1. The article.

There is a reason I put this in the number one spot.  As a company, The Lones Group has seen the best responses and results from articles.

Nothing gets people to see you as an expert like article marketing. When prospects see your expertise in print, they take action.  And when I say action, I mean clients actually pick up the phone and call YOU—without ever having met you before.

We’ve witnessed it time and time again.  An agent implements a quality article campaign—offering solid information on a consistent basis.  Now, results don’t happen overnight – because any good article campaign takes time.

But then suddenly their phone starts ringing.  Prospects want more information about something the agent wrote.  Within months, agents get predictable results.

The article is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your talent.  You share your expertise about real estate.  You show how current events are molding and shaping statistics in your area.  You toss in an opinion and a recommendation for action.

In essence, what you are doing is creating trust. Anyone can have fancy business cards printed up with a glossy picture.  But not everyone has the knowledge and experience that people need.  They don’t know if they can trust you with such a huge transaction—likely the biggest ONE of their lives.

That’s where articles come in.  Over a period of time, they let people know that you really do know what you’re talking about. Your expertise is there in print or online for the world to see.

2. Statistical graphs.

Visuals get attention—especially ones that are relevant and informative.  The problem is that most agents don’t know how to present them.

What they usually do is print up a chart on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper and send it out.

That is NOT effective.

If the client has to look at it and attempt to figure it out themselves, you’re asking them to do too much work.

They need your opinion.  You must tell them what the chart means to them—why it’s important, how it helps them, and how to use the knowledge.

Make it a rule: Every chart needs a narrative to go with it.  The narrative, much like the article, elevates you to “expert” status.

3. Neighborhood news.

For example, you might send out a report titled 11 Houses Sold In Pacific Heights This Summer. People love news about their area – and they love to know what their neighbors are up to!  A report on what sold where—and especially for how much—ignites their interest.

Other types of neighborhood news could include:

  • Zoning law changes
  • New construction
  • Average sales figures in comparison to national average
  • News from City Hall

But again—and I can’t emphasize this enough—just telling the facts doesn’t cut it.  You must explain to your prospects exactly WHY this information is relevant to them.  It’s the WHY that elevates you from salesperson to expert.

4. Benefits.

Okay, this isn’t a marketing piece. But it’s so important that I made it a separate category.

Most real estate agents spend too much time talking about features instead of benefits. Do not make this mistake.

Every marketing piece should focus on benefits rather than features.  A feature simply tells the prospect what “it” is—the benefit tells them why they need to have “it”.

Benefits create an emotional connection.  They highlight “what’s in it for them”.  When they know how it affects them personally, they pick up the phone to call you.

Those are the basics.  Naturally, there are more.  But start perfecting the ones listed above before you do anything else.  They are the core of success in your marketing toolbox. Infuse your marketing message with an “expert” mentality.  Whether in print or online, you stand out from the crowd when you offer information first.

Upgrade yourself to “expert” status today!

By Denise Lones CSP, M.I.R.M., CDEI


The Power of One

July 13, 2010

Part of my company’s mission statement includes being the source for real estate success.

So it’s no surprise that I hear from agents every day who want to improve their business.

As I listen to them, I notice a common theme.  They are overwhelmed with ideas for change.  Many of them have lists of dozens of things they want to tackle…but they don’t know where to start.

Not surprisingly, these agents often end up feeling overwhelmed, and doing absolutely nothing.  Interestingly, I have observed that the most dramatic changes come when an agent chooses to make one tiny but powerful change that can bring them incredible success across the board when consistently practiced.

I call this “The Power of One”, and it involves changing just one thing at a time –mastering one new technique, modifying something that isn’t working, developing one new component or system, or adding one new skill to your repertoire.

Here’s how it works: When you choose one thing you want to change and you put 100% of your attention and focus into it so you master it, the domino effect can be dramatic.  The key here is to not proceed onto something else until you’ve mastered the “one thing” that you’ve identified.

Want some examples?

Candace is an agent who came to me with a big problem.  She had too many listings and too few sales.  I coached her on her “one thing” –  learning how to really talk effectively to sellers about properly pricing their properties.

On the surface, this seems like a minor thing, right?  But the domino effect of mastering this one skill made such a difference for Candace.

When she learned how to drive the point home about price, it also influenced her listing presentation and how she communicates with sellers during the life of a listing.  She became much more articulate at every stage of the sales process.

This one little change also affected the pace at which she works.  Now, listings are selling, and business moves along much faster because her clients understand the process of selling their home.

Mastering her “one thing” also allowed Candace to eliminate some stress from her business.  You know that call you hate to make to sellers – the one where you take a deep breath, then launch into an uncomfortable plea for them to drop their price?  Because Candace has mastered the price discussion, sellers know ahead of time that they may get “the call” from Candace.  This takes the shock of out of the experience for the seller, and reduces the stress for Candace.

By making pricing her number one change, Candace now has much more control of the transaction.  If a home isn’t selling, she’s already told her clients this might happen…and they know ahead of time what steps will be required to get their home sold.  Her clients are better prepared to hear the truth because she outlined it for them in their first meeting.

Of course, clients may still get upset.  But as part of her mastery of this “one thing”, Candace learned how to diffuse a tense situation.  She developed negotiation and conflict resolution skills that help her focus on the issue – price – without the situation escalating emotionally.

Then there was David.

David is an agent who was extremely nervous about making telephone calls.  David and I decided to master the one area in his business that was creating the biggest blockage to his income—lead generation.

Together, we tackled all aspects of lead generation.  David became a master of expired listings.  As part of his “one thing”, he then learned how to make phone calls without the fear of rejection.

By changing that one thing, it had a dramatic domino effect on his bottom line income.  Truly, it changed everything.  His business was no longer ruled by fear.  One little change led to more clients, more money, and more peace of mind.

And I have to tell you about Donna!

Donna was working 24/7.  She did not know how to stop, and gave me every excuse you could imagine to justify being a workaholic.

I immediately realized that she needed to improve the quality of her life.  Donna’s “one thing”?   She had to learn to say “No”.

Changing that “one thing” for Donna had a dramatic effect on her business.  At first, she didn’t even see the problem.  Actually, when I pointed it out to her, she didn’t even believe it at first.

But as we worked together, she began to see that she never says no to anybody.  I worked with her on learning when to say no.  I worked with her on creating rules in her business.  And I worked with her on mastering the ability to handle the guilty feeling she’s so accustomed to feeling when she says no to somebody.

Donna very quickly learned to make this one positive change – and it had a powerful effect on her business.  When she learned to work fewer hours, she also learned to work more effectively…and eliminated the stress and guilt that she had been experiencing.

Within 30 days, she was a changed person, spending more time with her children.  Once she learned to say no, she developed a healthy respect for the balance between work and quality of life.  Donna learned that it’s better to have that awkward feeling after saying “no” than to look into the eyes of your children, partner, or friends who never see you.

So here is my question to you:  If you could pick just one area of your business that needs improvement, what would it be?

I would like to hear the “one thing” you feel is an obstacle to your business, and I encourage you to drop me an email via

More importantly, starting today I want you to dedicate yourself to mastering that “one thing” in your business.  Don’t start anything new until it’s done.  I believe you’ll be amazed at how mastering “one thing” will create a positive domino effect that you’ll feel in every area of your business.

That’s The Power of One.

By Denise Lones CSP, M.I.R.M., CDEI

Take a Peek at Some of Our Past Customer’s Testimonials by Denise Lones

August 28, 2008

Testimonial -Don Nunamaker:

It is a privilege to recommend Denise Lones. Why? Because she gets results! Denise has worked with our company and agents since 2001. Working with Denise is more than a quick fix that wears off over time. She assists agents in setting standards that maximizes the agent’s reaching their fullest potential. Her approach to time management with agents addresses their total life style. Priorities are recognized and she emphasizes building from strengths. When a total makeover is necessary, she goes to work.

I recommend Denise Lones because of her credibility in being able to orchestrate a total and positive change in the company. She provides the brokerage office the tools to become and maintain market leadership.

No other instructor or coach has given the value to our firm and agents. She has energized the individual agents to their highest potential. I have every confidence in recommending Denise.

Don O. Nunamaker

Don Nunamaker, Realtors
2495 Cascade
Hood River, Oregon 97031

Testimony – Laura Brodniak: 

Optimism.  Energy.  Excitement.  Results.

That’s what The Lones Group has represented to me since I was lucky enough to discover Denise Lones several years ago.  Through products (with specific action items and data), in-person classes, “Safari” seminars, conference calls, one-on-one business analysis, marketing makeovers, and in-person coaching – there’s an opportunity to learn everything and anything you want from Denise in whatever way and timeframe works for you.

She isn’t simply another “real estate coach” selling the same old story.  Years ago Denise developed an innovative and revolutionary approach to real estate – one based on easy-to-implement and proven systems, marketing know-how, and a personal knowledge of the sometimes crazy world of real estate.  Not only did Denise develop these systems, she has perfected delivery of those systems to Realtors® across North America.

More amazing is Denise’s uncanny ability to “read” people.  It’s rare to meet someone so skilled at quickly analyzing areas of strength and areas needing work. 

Laura Brodniak


Kirkland, Washington  98033

Testimonial – Al Chochan

In working with Lones Group Staff or attending presentations by Denise Lones, I have found a high degree of professionalism and one of high ethical standards.  In a Marketing Makeover, they provided me with current up-to-date materials that set me apart from other agents, especially in the “Branding” concept.  Their intimate knowledge of the marketing necessary to be successful in Real Estate has been a tremendous help to me.  The staff is very professional, courteous, well qualified and responsive to any requests.

Denise Lones professional presentations are unique in providing a high caliber work product with marketing incite and trend assessments.  Denise has her pulse on Real Estate and can present Real Estate economics and statistics in a manner that brings enthusiasm and actions instead of sleep in a conference setting.

My dollars spent with the Lones Group has been one of the best investments I have made in my marketing efforts.


Al Chochon, Realtor , Windermere Real Estate – Whidbey Island

Testimonial – Allan & Bonnie O’Brien

Denise’s marketing make over is first-rate world-class marketing.  We have had nothing but positive feedback from people we have met.  Her marketing promotes a seller’s property and you at the same time.  Branding your image and name in their minds, it makes us Mr. and Mrs. Real Estate to many in our area.

We are in our second year of being members of the Safari Club.  Monthly newsletters, Zebra reports that help you in a timely manner in changing markets.  We get a chance each month to personally hear from agents all over the country; to hear how their markets are going.

We are also, in our second year of individual and group coaching with Denise.  It is a light speed experience into the future of real estate success.  Innovative methods of successfully presenting pricing to sellers and buyers: in a changing market.  One-on-one roll playing, new effective presentations, and accurate pricing of properties.  We receive great group support from other coaching team members.

Denise and all her programs and marketing are dynamic, effective, and memorable.  The best business decision we have made in real estate is partnering with Denise Lones in developing ourselves for the new world of real estate.

Denise our picture is the same as our current marketing.  Thanks for this opportunity.


Allan and Bonnie


Testimonial – Anita Hearl

My frustrations with real estate and how the Lones Group has been there to help!

1. There is always something you should be doing in real estate.  Whether it is preparing the next mailing, updating your database, crafting a newsletter, designing a new flyer, etc.

There never seems to be any down time.  Denise has studied what works with regard to marketing and branding.  She has designed methods and systems that are already in place to make it easy for you.  Her knowledge can save you years of effort, burn out and a lot of money!

2. Support for agents. This business can be very lonely.  In reality you are competing with everyone in your office.  Having someone out there who is knowledgeable and genuinely concerned with your success is huge.   She loves real estate and is positive about this business.  I do not know many people out there with that attitude.  I believe that 90% of success in this business is confidence and positiveness.  Reading her monthly Zebra Report is such an encouragement and gives me that little kick to keep on keepin’ on.  Denise is a great partner to have in your corner of the ring!

Testimonial – April Huizenga

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with The Lones Group.   Their creativity and design work exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with my marketing materials.”

April Huizenga

Windermere RE/Wall St, Inc.

3214 W McGraw St, Ste 102

Seattle, WA 98199


Testimonial – Becky Anderson

I hired The Lones Group to help bring my business to a new level.  I have always given good customer service and my business was doing pretty well but I needed something to help boost me to the next level. 

First of all, I attended the two -day Safari which was the most incredible two days I have ever spent learning how to be better at what I love to do — sell Real Estate.  At The Safari I decided I needed to sign up for the marketing makeover which has been a very fun experience. 

The staff at The Lones Group is awesome at customer service, they really know what they are doing when it comes to marketing, and I have been very pleased with the outcome.  I am happy to say that I have just completed the best year I have ever had in the Real Estate Business and I can truly say it is related to what The Lones Group has helped me achieve through my new marketing makeover.

Becky Anderson, 1413 East College Way , Mt. Vernon , Wa .  98273

Phone:  360-424-7166, 1-800-421-1413


Testimonial – Betsy Mueller

Let me start out with you have been the most inspirational, encouraging, positive and humorous person I have met in my Real Estate career.   From the first class I took, I knew you were there to help us and were sincere. When I listen to the topics you have chosen, I feel like you are following me around and watching me!  Thank you so much for just being who you are. 

You have given me valuable information on running my business with your conference calls and your articles.  But the biggest difference you have made is my marketing materials.  You and your staff were so patient with me and the end result was PERFECT.  When I send out any of my materials, it makes the impact I had hoped for.   I have run into people at Open Houses or walk-in at the office and more than one person has said “Oh, you’re the one!”  When I go on a listing presentation, my materials always make the statements that I wanted.  I know that I have gotten the listing because the style, colors and layouts have made me look so good.  It showcases their homes with the professional and original look that no one else is using. 

Thanks again, Denise!


Betsy Mueller


Testimonial – Debi Braulik

Debi Braulik –

I had just spent a small fortune having my marketing pieces created at “the other guys” when I met Denise.  Denise knew instantly just by looking at one of my pierces that it wasn’t me and that I didn’t love it.  And that impressed me because I hadn’t told a soul that.

So I made the tough decision to scrap the materials that I had only had for about 3 months and hire Denise & The Lones Group to give me a “Marketing Makeover.”  And I am so glad that I did.  I absolutely love my new materials!!  I have only had the completed materials for a little over a week, but they fit me and I am so proud and excited to start using them. 

And being a client of Denise’s has helped me sharpen my focus.  From her 36 Point System to her Safari Calls to her monthly articles.  They all work so beautifully together and make so much sense.  

I am really looking forward to a fantastic 2007.  I know with the solid foundation of my marketing materials and the knowledge and insight I get from Denise that the sky is the limit.

Testimonial – Doug Smith

Doug Smith –

Denise and Annalisa did a great job putting together my Marketing Makeover. She figured me out and knew exactly what to do with me!. That, by itself, is a major accomplishment! I constantly get terrific feedback from clients regarding my marketing materials.  Not only that, she’s now a friend!

Thanks, Denise!


Testimonial – Elizabeth Allard

I first heard her speak at a real estate event.  I picked up some information about the yearly Safari and thought I would give it a try.  Over the years I have done a plethora of education in several fields which included many motivational speakers.

When I attended the Safari I felt like I was home.  So many of the ideas I had floating around in my mind were addressed by Denise.  Her rock solid, no nonsense assessments are amazing.  She backs up her opinions with critical observation and relevant statistics.  Because I have been in the industry for years and have been open to trying different methods, I have experienced a wide variety of styles.  And styles come and go as I have learned.  What makes Denise different is her ability to read trends and combine that with good old-fashioned common sense and tested methods.

The designs that we worked through for our marketing makeover seem simple now, but were complicated and worrisome for me at the time.  I put my trust in her and I am glad I did.  It is wonderful to work with someone who knows what they are doing and has the confidence to say so.  As a professional, I so appreciate it.  I have enough to do in my work.  I want to be taken care of when I hire someone to do a job for me.  That is what I offer my clients and I want to be treated the same way.

I can remember coming out of workshops very enthusiastic, but not being successful with the program because it was so far from my own personal style.  And eventually I came to believe that the trainers in my field were on the circuit because to do what they promoted just took too much of a person’s life.  You know, the 7 easy steps to ______(you fill in the blank!). They may be easy if your life is one dimensional and uncomplicated!

When I heard Denise say something like, “This training is about how to have a life AND have a business,”  I felt like I had finally found someone who sees the bigger picture.

I have recommended her to people in other fields, knowing that my confidence in her abilities will be soundly substantiated.

Thank goodness I have my trusted resource, Denise, in my world!

Elizabeth Allard

Testimonial – 2007- Gary Williams

I want to break this testimonial down into two parts; professional and personal.  Professionally, I owe any and all success to you, your fabulous team and your willingness to always talk to me about successes, problems and potential pitfalls. 

We met in September of 2005 when I was new to the business and had just joined Windermere two weeks prior to the Symposium at the University of Washington.  Here I was with a new profession in a new surroundings and I did not know a soul.  Then I went to your Marketing seminar and everything clicked.  I realized that the person on the stage, you, was showing me the path to take toward success.

I immediately became one of your clients and I am so glad that I did.  Denise, because of our marketing plan and program I sold just under $7,000,000 in my first year in the real estate business.  Beginning 2007 I have 19 listings that total about $15,000,000.   That is a strong beginning for anyone, but I owe all of this to you.

On a personal level, I am very thankful that I made that trip to Washington.  Remember when I needed your marketing and strategy advice and we talked for about two hours on our cell phones while you were driving across the state of Washington?  That conversation showed me the personal commitment that you have for your clients and their needs.  It’s not just for me, but you have that commitment for everyone.

The best thing that has ever happened to me is you Denise.  And…”The Difference Is Marketing.”

Gary Williams, California


Testimonial – JoAnn Wyatt

Lady Luck came my way with a much-needed shot in the arm. This is especially important for those in the industry 10+ years; there is a point in time that every agent needs revitalizing – call it a Geritol fix!  CRS courses were great, but not enough.  And then, the “mad-hatter, energy infused, all caring, all knowing, Zebra Lady” crossed my path.  What a blessing.  Whether you are a buyer’s agent or a listing agent, you will learn new techniques and tools to prove your expertise in the industry.  I have seen brand new agents win out on listings against very experienced agents just because of their systems, positive attitude, and energy. 

I have numerous testimonials in my personal file from clients that received the “golden glove” treatment from my team and I can continually count on strong referrals from this most important avenue of revenue.  Learn “golden glove” systems from the master – Denise.

Testimonial-Joseph Fisher

Denise and The Lones Group have helped me build an amazing and powerful personalized marketing program to build my business with confidence.  The opportunity to learn from Denise and become a client has been one of the most intelligent business decisions I have made in building my real estate career. The tools and knowledge she has given me over the past months would have taken many painful years to learn on my own.  She has taught me what clients really want and it works!  After only two months of using my new marketing materials and implementing a few of her systems, the response I have received has exceeded my expectations.  My newsletters and marketing materials are now making my phone ring every single month!   My previous marking generated no responses in 12 months.  I finally feel that I have the tools needed to set myself apart and take my business to the next level with confidence.  Denise is one of the most dynamic, tangible, and down to earth educators in the industry. 

Denise, you are a great friend and truly an angel in zebra stripes!

Thanks for everything,


Testimonial – Ben and Julie Varon

John L. Scott – Top 1%

With over 10 successful years in the Real Estate business we thought we had our systems and plans in place.  In fact we did, but after meeting Denise and seeing her program we have rethought our strategies.  We were extremely impressed with her knowledge & overview of our industry.  Over the years we’ve had many opportunities to buy into other programs but never did.  Denise’s marketing plan hit a chord that felt right to us.

Unlike many people who haven’t had personalized branding, we were already up and running with our own distinct image.  After hearing Denise’s approach we agreed to go ahead for an image “makeover.”  Working closely with her talented graphic artist we have a new look that we can be proud of.  We are looking forward to utilizing the tools and suggestions that The Lones Group offers.

Testimonial – Loni Campbell

Loni Campbell –

How did my marketing go?  It was a long process only because I haven’t been the easiest client to work with do to the fact that I’m very detail oriented. My designer Annalisa was so patient with me when I had to choose some pictures for my marketing and I kept changing my mind, until it felt just right. She also helped me see the best in my choices. I never felt rushed.

The Lones Group really caught my personality and uniqueness and portrayed in my marketing, so it reflected the true me. I met with Denise and her staff and after several questions and a lengthy conversation she captured what I really wanted to say with my marketing… They were so imaginative and tried a few different looks until we caught on to just the right one for me…As I finished my year end expenses today I realize that this was the best money I could ever spend to get such a professional and unique look that is all my own…Considering the great team, the long hours, and the wonderful results that will be mine to use for years to come I think it was the best money I spent all year long, to achieve these kind of results are priceless. I know that every time someone receives a piece of my marketing they will instantly know that it is from me and that I stand out in a crowd instead looking like all the other real estate agents out there…

I can’t say thank you enough to Denise and the rest of the Lones Group for their awe-inspiring creativity.

Testimonial – Norma Miller

The Marketing Makeover is the best thing I’ve done for my business.  Denise Lones has helped me differentiate myself by improving my professional image through quality marketing.  Denise emphasizes the importance of systematic and consistent marketing for business building.  The beautiful marketing makeover they created, enables me to implement this marketing strategy with top notch professionalism.

The design process was exciting and many steps were taken to ensure my satisfaction and of course a professional and unique look.  Denise’s staff is outstanding!  They follow-up consistently, are always courteous and continually go the extra mile. 

Denise shows how to analyze and present data in a professional and credible fashion.  I really needed to improve this aspect of my business.  With the workshops, I am improving my communication and presentation abilities to a level that highly professional and unique.  The cutting edge and that is what the public wants. This sets me apart as an expert in our field.

Denise Lones’ workshops are the best training I’ve received by far.  Working with The Lones Group has immensely helped me organize my business with systems that focus on strategy and consistency.  Denise knows what agents need and how to simplify, yet  build business.   

I am confident looking into the future that my business will continue to grow.  I can focus on clients without constantly restructuring. Denise’s systems, custom marketing and The Safari Club articles keep me up to date with current trends.  It’s all about presenting myself as an expert.  Thanks to The Lones Group for making this readily available!

Norma Miller

Windermere Real Estate

Testimonial – Piper Barton

When I first met Denise, she was so full of ideas and energy herself, that I thought she would do a great job for me in doing a Marketing Makeover.  I worked with her staff, designing my “look” for quite  awhile.  All the time I worked with them, I never thought they got tired of my input or changing/adding/deleting anything -it was truly a team effort; we seemed to be on the same page and was extremely easy to communicate with.  The entire process went very smoothly!  And I am extremely happy with the results!  I pride myself on doing a certain amount of personal marketing on my own-but I definitely think that using Denise helped put me over-the-top on having my marketing look professional, put forth “my” message (on who I am-as a person and realtor), and give me a system I have needed for so long!

The various marketing pieces I received from Denise are phenomenal!  She includes everything (and MORE!) that I need to operate my business efficiently and have the marketing pieces ready at a moment’s notice!  My favorite pieces in my marketing system are my CMA cover page and my outside brochure box flyers.  Clients are always impressed when I use these pieces.  They are different from the other local real estate companies, and agents who use the standard “company” cover pages on their CMA’s.  It sets me apart from the very beginning. And gets me the listing!

As a matter of fact, Denise was open to me deleting some of the marketing pieces they had in their systems and helping me to design ones that I knew I needed for my personal marketing plan. 

The process was fun!  I was so impressed with the finished product.  I love it!

I always felt that I was important to Denise and not just a “client”-that she really wanted to help ME and help me to succeed and most importantly-TO HAVE A LIFE. We discussed some ideas to help me organize my personal life apart from my real estate life.  I have implemented those ideas with success! 

The thing I really respect about Denise is how many times I have heard her say that she has done study groups (surveys) of her own!  She doesn’t rely on what she read from other people only-she does her own research and then offers advice from what she knows from response to her surveys!  How much more on target could you get?  She also seems to know and understand all the trends that are currently affecting our business and how those trends will affect us in the future.

People I have never met before have felt comfortable calling me just from my ads-because they think I am a “regular” person like them-that family is important-and so is finding the perfect home!  Denise helped design an ad that brought how I really feel about real estate to fruition!  I have had buyers and sellers actually say to me “I called you because I liked your ad.”   Well, if I add up those clients compared with the cost of the Marketing Makeover-I will have to say that I am ahead!

My ads give my something in common to talk about with my clients.  Being a native to my marketing area-they are always curious about the changes that have taken place here and how that might affect them.  They feel that I have the answers to help them feel educated and intelligent about their housing choices and gives them great confidence in my opinions about our market.  Also, my clients are always asking me how my kids are doing. . .and they really want to know!  One client recently even joked that they were looking for their new dining room table and were buying one chair for me!  To be considered a “part of the family” is a joy beyond words.

Denise is really in the business to help make agents better.  She is always telling us to share our ideas with as many agents as we can!  She doesn’t want to keep her ideas a secret!  She is very generous with her programs and at the seminars of hers I have attended.

Testimonial – 2007 – Rachelle Bozer

Denise is connected to people.  She understands the needs of her clients (me) and my clients, and is there to help guide and support me in building my business.  She is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and the real estate profession.  I trust her.  Her team did a fabulous job with my marketing materials.  I couldn’t be happier.  Denise’s energy, love for her job, and commitment to her clients and the industry is infectious.  I have learned a tremendous amount from her already, but am excited for what is still to come.

Testimonial – Sally Ashby

This is my 14th year as a Windermere Real Estate agent, and I felt that I had seen most marketing ideas and listened to my share of motivational speakers, I was sure I had seen most everything that was out there… until I met Denise and The Lones Group.  The dynamics of this company is awesome… The Lones Group listens to what you have to say and they take that information to the next level to develop your “Market Makeover” materials!  I’m impressed with their team of professionals they get to know you, and thru their survey they can produce a top quality product matching your style and taste.  Each Marketing Makeover is individual and is top quality.  The professional manner in which they conduct business is fabulous. 

I’ve been to one of Denise seminars and was very impressed. She knows her material, and she proves that each week in her “Zebra Reports” that she is right on target as to what is currently happening in our industry.  I’m looking forward to a long relationship with the Lones Group and Denise.  I’m hoping to be at her next “Safari” class.   Denise proves that it does not matter how long we have been in the industry, we can continue to grow and learn to serve our clients to the highest degree possible.

Thank you, Denise.

Testimonial – 2007- Sharon Chafin

Just a note about the service I received from The Lones Group. Fantastic!

Quick! Insightful! 

I hired The Lones Group to create marketing materials. My brain was picked over by Denise and her creative staff, Then some ideas were sent to me to see if they were on the right track…well…it was just amazing what was presented to me. I indeed felt in tune with one of the designs and receive compliments during presentations! Such beautiful works of art, uncomplicated, colorful and ME! Thank you, Lones Group!

Hope that works for you – it certainly has for me! Thank you again. I still am in love with my “stuff.”



Testimonial – Shelia Simmons

Shelia Simmons –

I started working with Denise and all the lovely ladies at the Lones Group a few years ago.  They have been wonderful to work with, lots of good ideas, responsive, creative and full of ideas.  I am subscriber to the Safari Club and send out the Newsletter monthly and utilize the materials they designed in many different ways.  Keeping in contact with my sphere is critical to maintain and grow my business and Denise has given me the tools to do this and make it look easy. 

They have designed my web site and marketing materials.  Since the first of the year I can identify two new clients who said they called me because of the website so I know it works!   Over the years I have enjoyed the many classes and seminars Denies teaches and always know they are time well spent.  I have practiced the market tracking I learned in her “It’s All About Price” and it has helped me to always know the market I work in and be confident in helping my clients price their homes or buy one with confidence.

I heartily recommend Denise and the Lones Group if you would like to take your business to the next level and beyond!


Testimonial – Sherry Coleman

Sherry Coleman –

I really enjoyed working with the Lones Group in putting my marketing package together.  Everyone on the team at that time was very friendly and helpful in guiding a brand new agent in figuring out what could be used to “brand” me and then working to get the colors, font and layouts that I liked.

I have enjoyed the branding logo and make sure my logo is everything that leaves my office.  I think it has set me apart in people’s minds among the sea of real estate head shots.

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